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hubris and avarice leads to nothing

Avarice, Hubris, Ignorance, Jealousy and Antagonism – Counterproductive Forces That Stifle Innovation

The most prolific literary masters, poets, entrepreneurs, kings/leaders of archaic kingdoms. religious prophets and sacred texts over the centuries have warned us, prophetically, that pride, avarice, hubris, jealousy and antagonism… Read more »

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connected strategies drive innovation

Connected Strategies Drive Seismic Shifts In Customer Co-Creation, Engagement Marketing and Product Development

As internet and mobile technologies continue to coalesce and changes in customer service delivery facilitate digital interactions underpinned by low friction methods of connectivity; enterprises today are building stronger and… Read more »

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market creating innovation

Market Creating Innovations Catalyses Economic Growth: An Outline For Emerging Economies

How can one find serious growth and market development opportunities in economies characterised by the polarities of extreme poverty, lack of infrastructure and institutions, little or no data about consumer… Read more »

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Destroyer or Creator: Juxtaposing the Devils Advocate against the Cross-Pollinator

One of the most innovative organisations in the world, IDEO, articulates the devils advocate as someone whom is hugely critical of ideas before they are proven; those whom don’t want… Read more »

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Rationality or Irrationality: Mandates, Mission Drift the B-Team Swarm Intelligence

Any business collaboration, process improvement initiative, change management mandate or integration project requires the incumbent to articulate a clear set of deliverables which if not met can be catastropic to… Read more »

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