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leader versus businessman

Break Old School Tendencies Through Entrepreneurial Processes To Drive Growth Within Enterprises

The core strategic management challenge for executives is centred on finding the optimal point when allocating resources between revenue and cost centres. When doing this, leaders and managers often have… Read more »

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connected strategies drive innovation

Connected Strategies Drive Seismic Shifts In Customer Co-Creation, Engagement Marketing and Product Development

As internet and mobile technologies continue to coalesce and changes in customer service delivery facilitate digital interactions underpinned by low friction methods of connectivity; enterprises today are building stronger and… Read more »

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market creating innovation

Market Creating Innovations Catalyses Economic Growth: An Outline For Emerging Economies

How can one find serious growth and market development opportunities in economies characterised by the polarities of extreme poverty, lack of infrastructure and institutions, little or no data about consumer… Read more »

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An Innovation and Learning Framework for Enterprises for Business Model Evolution

In a major series launch of thealphaswarmer_frameworks series, I am presenting an organisational capability development and project leadership model that if embraced wholeheartedly, will result in rapid levels of innovation… Read more »

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