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5 element model

The 5 Elements: A Holistic Framework To Assessing Whether To Start A Business Or Strategically Innovate From An Existing Entity Instead

We have all heard stories about setting up office space at the old shed (that also housed your grandparents CD recorder) or in a shamble stock garage at the back… Read more »

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knowledge management strategy

Simple Principals In Knowledge Management Inspire Breakthrough Innovation

Most enterprises have a single operating system (the organisational chart) and according to John Kotter’s book XLR8, this is essential to ‘keeping the trains running’ however, fails at encouraging breakthrough… Read more »

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The Seven Artefacts of Self Organisation – Tools For Managing Complexity Adaptive Systems

Today’s managers operate in a highly interconnected, volatile and complex environment where the use of traditional concepts, tools and frameworks rooted on classical and behavioural schools of thought fail in… Read more »

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An Innovation and Learning Framework for Enterprises for Business Model Evolution

In a major series launch of thealphaswarmer_frameworks series, I am presenting an organisational capability development and project leadership model that if embraced wholeheartedly, will result in rapid levels of innovation… Read more »

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thealphaswarmer insights and commentaries

Balancing Tension: The Dynamic Coordinator Role Within Innovation Systems

One of my favourite books of all time has to be Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Timbles 10 Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution. Within the nomenclature, the authors… Read more »

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Destroyer or Creator: Juxtaposing the Devils Advocate against the Cross-Pollinator

One of the most innovative organisations in the world, IDEO, articulates the devils advocate as someone whom is hugely critical of ideas before they are proven; those whom don’t want… Read more »

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thealphaswarmer toolsets

‘Thin Slicing’ – The Art Of Controlling The Levers Of The Evolving Enterprise – #thealphaswarmer #toolsets

Malcolm Gladwell, an introspective and highly acclaimed author (whom has published several books) especially intrigued me when I read Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.  The premise here is… Read more »

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