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The Seven Artefacts of Self Organisation – Tools For Managing Complexity Adaptive Systems

Today’s managers operate in a highly interconnected, volatile and complex environment where the use of traditional concepts, tools and frameworks rooted on classical and behavioural schools of thought fail in… Read more »

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Disrupting Overt Sabotage To Drive Engagement and Innovation – Exhale Control, Inhale Heterachy and Distributed Authority

Multinationals and businesses of all dimensions profess that they harness and nurture innovation, however I have seen with my own four eyes this concept being absent in the corporate laboratory… Read more »

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Augmented Intelligence As The Nexus Of The New Industrial Revolution: #thealphaswarmer_commentaries

There is growing contention that the next industrial revolution will have knowledge work at its core, with a Wall Street Journal article today proclaiming that “the growth in the smartphone… Read more »

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Innovation Through Emergent Order – Why We Need A Team Based Framework #thealphaswarmer #appreciative_insights

One of the most fundamental challenges in any start up is the formulation of the core leadership team that will define and augment the roles and responsibility matrix, delineate the mission… Read more »

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